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This special meditation class for women is designed to allow you to know what you are truly capable of as a spirit in a female body.  Gain radical self acceptance and personal empowerment.  Experience and express the sacredness of your feminine self; validate your body as a sacred vessel of joy, pleasure and wellness.

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Church of Divine Man  

Admittance To  Prayer-Meditation, Prayer-Healing, and Religious Instruction Classes

I am of sound mind and body. I am able to handle the mental exercises. I understand that you, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, do not take the place of, or substitute of medical care, and that the techniques used are intended to enhance one’s spiritual nature only. These classes are designed as entrance preparations for the seminary of the Church of Divine Man and its workshop, the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Through the duration of this class, I am registered as an Associate Member of the Church of Divine Man.

 I am enrolling in a beginning spiritual instruction class as a step in my spiritual growth. I understand that any donations I make are a gift to the Church, and are not refundable even if either the staff or I myself decide that I am unable to complete the class. As a gift, my donation is the property of the Church and I release all claim to it.

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